Monday, January 01, 2007

Out With A Bii-ZANG!!!

(Ed. note- Erm, this might be a little too early in the day to try and do a recap of last night's events (it is only 4:30 in the afternoon), but this headache isn't going anywhere soon and the kittens aren't going to leave me alone until I get this done so here goes.)
Last night's New Year's Eve 24MOTAB was a grand spectacle on every front! A record breaking attendance of 35 plus riders made for a bike pile and a half reaching for the heavens and if D*Pow had had his way it would have. But while the winds threatened to topple the metal monstrousity we kept it upright with bike buttresses brought in by late arrivals. Once again Demolition Master P-lip brought a 24 minute timer fuse and a scary looking coffee can sized explosive charge and once it was lit there was no turning back! Dano slammed the beer, the pile was undone and the race began(my rear wheel may never be true again but that's what ya get for being on the bottom of the pile). Oh sure there were fireworks elsewhere in town, but do you think you could get a mortar round square in the back like Patrick did at some weak "family friendly" event?!!? I THINK NOT!!! Pete is not to be trifled with when he's brandishing two Roman candles! The back half of the course was in a perpetual haze of smoke and flame. On the front half, lawn furniture was appropriated and a nice coffe bar styled rest stop was set up on the course. Meanwhile the fuse burned on and riders sensed the end was near and everyone was back out on the course. P-lip thwarted Jeff's bid to trackstand at the finish line by pushing him sideways directly into the path of the about to be ignited fireworks, leaving first timer Sam to cross the line as charge went off with Amy Sue following close behind. Fear of third degree burns and permanent blindness for some reason seemed to keep people from crossing the finish line after that so there was some confusion as to the DFL. But finally it was determined that Sarah(with an H) was the last person to cross the line for 2006. Derrick-D-Rock-Ruckus-Train-Sparkles brought back the travelling DFL jersey and so a fitting end to the year. But that wasn't the end!!! Cheap champagne flowed, nay rained over the participants! Sailor Jerry and Carlo Rossi made their presence known only too painfully for some. More fireworks went off and then with the police sitting in the parking lot on the other side of the abandoned building, we snuck out the back and headed for an after ride party hosted by Lyle and Kelley (thanks y'all!!). A spectacular end to another year's worth of 24MOTABs! And it all starts again at the end of this month! YEAH!!! Happy New Year from the kittens. more pix soon.


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