Monday, January 29, 2007

Ghost Riding The Brick

The 24MOTAB trophy read 11 degrees but I think accuracy was traded for art because all the bank thermometers were pinning it at 5 degrees and below. Yeah it was a cold one, but that didn't stop a couple handfulls of MOTAB riders from giving the finger to frostbite and hypo-thermia! The pre-load of barley based anti-freeze at Mickey's didn't hurt the cause either. The course was a mixture of hard packed snow and ice plus drifts that made some corners unrideble and one gate crossing decidely Donner-like. D*Pow and his faithful sherpa climbed Brick Mountain without oxygen to start the race. Brutal. From the pix you can see D*Pow started to lose it a little. Said Sketchy Dave, "It's hard to guzzle beer in the Death Zone". We did find Reinhold Messner and his brother Gunther at the summit, but they weren't riding. The race itself had all the trappings of a trans-Arctic crossing including a mid race mutiny (crushed!) and various feats of individual madness. Frank rode the course reverse stylee, Phil continued to try to bust a trail through corner 2 ( I opted for the bike toss into the snowbank on C2) and Holle gamely struggled with a frozen freewheel that sometimes worked and sometimes just spun. Lyle captured his second MOTAB win! Phil took pocession of the newly returned Second Place Suckas jersey AND reindeer shorts again (oh snap!) and Chris became the newest DFL. Oddly enough despite the cold, we stood around for half an hour after the race as the blood slowly left our extremities in an effort to scrounge for any alcohol that might be left in our cores.
BE PREPARED! ThunderJet vs. Turn N Burn ice battle! Coming soon!!!


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